About the Author…

Peek-a-boo, I see you...
Peek-a-boo, I see you…

Midge K. Manlapig was born on 24 September 1976 and has been writing professionally since the age of seventeen.

She got her degree in Public Relations from The Philippine Women’s University in 1997 and but has worked in the fields of advertising, public relations, and television for over twenty years.

Midge recently joined the editorial team of the Philippine Tatler.  And that’s on top of writing novels, scribbling poetry, and trying not to go too crazy.  Oh, and she helps out friends who need publicity support.

A die-hard foodie, wine-bibber, self-taught chocolatier with a taste for dark beers, dark chocolate, dark artwork, and very pale complexions, Midge has been food-blogging for a decade.  You can check out her omnomnom-able blog at Midge in the Kitchen.  Just try not to read it on an empty stomach.

She has written articles for Teen Magazine – Philippines, MEGA, and The Philippine Daily Inquirer.  For a short while, she was also a columnist for Glitter Magazine. In 2000, her essay Why I Hate Colegiala Party Girls was included in Youngblood 2.0.

When she isn’t at work or updating either of her blogs, she can be found shopping for aromatherapy supplies, books, and fresh ingredients.  She is currently working on a compilation of modern fairy tales and a rather unusual fantasy novel, both due out in 2016.

She released A Jar of Starlight, a compilation of poetry and photographs in October 2015; the ebook is currently available for purchase via Scribd.


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